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Green building, high-performance homes, energy-efficient design and construction. whatever name you choose, the trend towards more energy- and resource-efficient homebuilding is growing. And with the cost of materials and utilities increasing daily, it’s becoming an economic necessity. After all, construction techniques that reduce homeowners’ total monthly costs while increasing contractor profits just make good business sense – for everyone. PVBIA members who see the opportunity in this trend and learn to sell these new technologies will be the ones best able to survive the current slow market.

If you want to learn more about the latest in green building products, techniques, designs, and marketing, there is a wealth of good information on the internet. Try these websites first:

  • Toolbase: – a huge collection of fact sheets and case studies. A great resource for builders and homeowners
  • Energy Star Program: – Federal program with lots of design guidelines and marketing materials.
  • US Dept. of Energy: – great general and technical information
  • Building Science Corp.: – Many research papers online
  • Southface Energy Institute: – See especially the great collection of green building fact-sheets
  • Fine Homebuilding on-line: – see the green building page for excellent articles
  • NAHB Research Center: – Lots of good articles and information – general and technical
  • EarthCraft Virginia: – Virginia’s top green home certification program – A partnership with the Homebuilders Association of Virginia
  • Virginia Sustainable Building Network: – Virginia’s oldest green building association
  • US Green Building Council – and local chapters: – this is a huge website with lots of information. The links page is one of the best

Certified home energy raters serve the building community with building science expertise and performance testing. See the website of RESNET, their national association, at